segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2013

Palavra do dia

consume   Audio Pronunciation   /kənˈsu:m, British kənˈsju:m/   verb [with object]
(consumir, comer, beber, gastar, esbanjar)
inflected formsconsumes; consumed; consuming
1 : to eat or drink (something) • The dogs consume [=eat] a bag of dog food each week. • They consumed [=drank] a lot of beer at the party. — sometimes used figuratively • He consumes [=devours] ten novels a month.
2: to use (fuel, time, resources, etc.) • The new lights consume less electricity. • She’s making an effort to live more simply and consume less. • Most of our time was consumed [=taken up] by the search. • The car repairconsumed [=used up] his entire paycheck.
3 : to destroy (something) with fire • Hundreds of books were consumed in the fire. • Fire consumed the building.
4 : to take all of a person’s attention, energy, time, etc. • Work on the project has consumed his attention for many months. = Work on the project has consumed him. — usually used as (beconsumed • The movie tells the story of a woman consumed by ambition/hatred. • He was consumedwith/by jealousy.
consuming adjective • He has a consuming interest in politics. [=he is extremely interested in politics] • Her all-consuming passion was music. [=music was an interest that took all of her time and attention; music was the only thing she thought about]

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