domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

Palavra do dia

access   Audio Pronunciation   /ˈækˌsɛs/   noun [noncount]

 (acesso, admissão, passagem, aproximação, acessibilidade, ataque de doença ou raiva)

1 : a way of getting near, at, or to something or someone • All public buildings should provide wheelchair access. [=a way for people in wheelchairs to enter] • The cup holders are conveniently placed for easy access. [=so that they can be easily reached] — often followed by to • The town wants to increase public access tobeaches. • A dirt road provides access to the home.
2 : a way of being able to use or get something • We have Internetaccess at the library. — usually followed by to • We have accessto the Internet at the library. • I don't have access to a car right now. [=I don't have a car that I can use right now] • Patients need better access to medical care. • They tried to gain illegal access tothe company’s network.
3 : permission or the right to enter, get near, or make use of something or to have contact with someone — usually followed byto • They refused to give the police access to their home. • Investigators are trying to gain/get access to his financial records. [=trying to get the right to see his financial records] • He wasgranted/denied access to the report. [=he was given/refused permission to see the report]
Learn about access as a verb.

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