terça-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2013

Palavra do dia

corrupt   Audio Pronunciation   /kəˈrʌpt/   adjective
(corrupto, mau, depravado, depravado, pervertido, desonesto)
comparative and superlative formsmore corrupt; most corrupt
1 a : doing things that are dishonest or illegal in order to make money or to gain or keep power • The country’s justice system is riddled with corrupt judges who accept bribes. • corruptpoliticians/officials • corrupt cops who sell drugs
1 b : done or controlled by dishonest and immoral people • corruptgovernments • the country’s corrupt legal system
2 : dishonest, evil, or immoral • society’s corrupt values
3 : changed or damaged : not in a correct or original form • acorrupt version of the text • The document is corrupt. • a corruptcomputer file that no longer works properly

 corruptly adverb
— corruptness noun [noncount• the corruptness of the local government

Learn about corrupt as a verb.

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