quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2012

Palavra do dia

crumble   Audio Pronunciation   /ˈkrʌmbəl/   verb
(esmigalhar-se, desintegrar-se, cair em pedaços, desintegrar-se)
inflected formscrumbles; crumbled; crumbling
[with object: to break (something) into small pieces • Crumblethe cookies into small bits. • The recipe calls for the herbs to becrumbled.
[no object: to separate into many small pieces : to fall apart • The arch had crumbled [=disintegrated] under the weight of all those stones. • bones so old they had crumbled to dust •crumbling buildings/monuments/walls
[no object] : to break down completely : to stop functioning • Peace talks between the two parties have crumbled. [=collapsed] • She was extremely depressed after her marriage crumbled. • theircrumbling marriage

Learn about crumble as a noun.

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