quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2012

Palavra do dia

squash   Audio Pronunciation   /ˈskwɑ:ʃ/   verb
(esmagar, amassar, espremer, fazer som de batida em massa mole, pôr um fim a, comprimir)
inflected formssquashes; squashed; squashing
[with object: to press (something) into a flat or flatter shape • She squashed the bug. • He squashed his nose against the window.• The tomatoes got squashed.
[with object: to stop (something) from continuing by doing or saying something • She tried to squash [=quash] the rumors. • His poor performance squashed any hope he had of a promotion. • The boss squashed my idea immediately.
always followed by an adverb or preposition to move into a space that is very tight or crowded [no object• Four of ussquashed [=squeezed] into the backseat. • (BritishSquash up[=move closer together] to make room for one more person. [with object• Someone had squashed all the ribbons together in one box. — often used as (besquashed • We were squashed between the table and wall. • The ribbons had all been squashed together into one box.

Learn about squash as a noun and as another noun.

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