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Palavra do dia

honor   Audio Pronunciation   /ˈɑ:nɚ/   verb [with object]
(honra, dignidade, fama, glória, lealdade, nobreza)

inflected formshonors; honored; honoring
1 a : to regard or treat (someone) with respect and admiration to show or give honor to (someone) • You should honor [=respect] your parents. • When we got married, we promised to love andhonor each other. • We were honored with/by the queen's presence. • (often humorous) Thank you for honoring us with your presence. [=thank you for coming here]
1 b : to show admiration for (someone or something) in a public way to give a public honor to (someone or something) • She has been honored by several organizations for her charitable works. • We need to find an appropriate way to honor these brave people. • They're holding a dinner at which she is being honored (with an award) as player of the year. • They have established a scholarship as a way to honor his memory/achievements.
2 a : to do what is required by (something, such as a promise or a contract) • He claims that the company failed to honor [=fulfill] the contract/warranty. • honor a warranty
2 b : to accept (something) as payment • honor a credit card •honor a check
2 c : to repay (a debt) • They are accused of failing to honor their debts.
— honored adjective • He was welcomed as an honored guest. • I feel honored to have been invited. • an honored tradition
Learn about honor as a noun.

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