quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012

Palavra do dia

buzz   Audio Pronunciation   /ˈbʌz/   noun
(zumbido, zunido, murmúrio, sussuro, cochicho, rumor)
plural buzzes
1 a [countthe low, continuous sound made by a flying insect (such as a bee) • We heard the buzz of the bees as we walked through the garden.
1 [counta low, continuous sound • When the machine is turned on, it makes a quiet buzz.
[singular: a low sound caused by many people talking at the same time • There was a buzz of voices in the hall as the audience waited for the show to start.
3 a [noncount] informal : the things that are being said about something • What's the latest buzz about their marriage? • Thebuzz is that she turned down the job because the pay was too low.
3 informal : excited talk about something [singular• There’s been quite a buzz about the new movie. • The team’s new players are creating a buzz among baseball fans. [noncount• There's been a lot of buzz about the new movie.
4 a[singularinformal : a feeling of excitement • Kids love the new game, and adults get a buzz [=kick] out of it too.

4 [singularinformal : a feeling of being somewhat drunk or intoxicated • He had a buzz after only two drinks.
[singularinformal : a telephone call  Give me a buzz [=call me] when you get there.

Learn about buzz as a verb.

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