quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012

Palavra do dia

interpret   Audio Pronunciation   /ɪnˈtɚprət/   verb
(interpretar, explicar, traduzir)
inflected formsinterprets; interpreted; interpreting
[with object] : to explain the meaning of (something) • interpret a dream • We need someone to interpret these results for us. • How should we interpret the law/rules/decision?
[with object] : to understand (something) in a specified way • Iinterpreted his behavior to mean that he disliked me. — often followed by as • I interpreted his behavior as indicating that he disliked me. • Her comment was meant to be interpreted assarcasm.
[with objectto perform (something, such as a song or a role) in a way that shows your own thoughts and feelings about it • Every actor interprets the role of Hamlet a little differently.
[no object] : to translate the words that someone is speaking into a different language to repeat what someone says in a different language than the language originally used • I’ll need someone tointerpret for me when I travel to China.

— interpretable /ɪnˈtɚprətəbəl/ adjective [more interpretable; most interpretable• These results are not easily interpretable.

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