segunda-feira, 15 de outubro de 2012

Palavra do dia

legitimate   Audio Pronunciation   /lɪˈʤɪtəmət/   adjective
(legítimo, autêntico, legal)
1 a : allowed according to rules or laws • a legitimate [=legal, lawful] heir/government/business • legitimate means for achieving success • the legitimate use of firearms
1 b : real, accepted, or official • It’s not clear that the letter islegitimate [=genuine]; it may be a forgery.

[more legitimate; most legitimatefair or reasonable • We think her concern/excuse is legitimate. = We think she has alegitimate concern/excuse. • There’s no legitimate reason for prescribing this medication to a child. • His claim is legitimate.
3 : born to a father and mother who are married • legitimate children
— legitimacy /lɪˈʤɪtəməsi/ noun [noncount• Many question thelegitimacy of the law.
— legitimately adverb • We earned the money legitimately. [=legally] • He can legitimately [=rightfully] claim to be the best athlete in his class.

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