terça-feira, 9 de outubro de 2012

Palavra do dia

fray   Audio Pronunciation   /ˈfreɪ/   verb
(esfiapar, desfiar, desgastar-se, usar-se, esfregar-se, roçar, ficar cansado, ficar exausto)
inflected formsfrays; frayed; fraying
to cause (a cloth or other material) to become worn down at the end or edge to separate the threads of (a material) [with object• She frayed the edges of her cutoff jeans. = She frayed her cutoff jeans at the edges. [no object• The cuffs of the old shirt werefraying— often used figuratively • Her temper was starting to fray.[=she was beginning to get angry] • His nerves were frayed/fraying. • their frayed/fraying friendship

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