quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2012

Palavra do dia

flush   Audio Pronunciation   /ˈflʌʃ/   verb
(corar, enrubescer, ruborizar-se, vermelhar, afoguear, incandescer, arder, resplandecer, brilhar subitamente, fazer corar, ruborizar, afoguear, avermelhar, esguichar, jorrar, rebentar, inchar, excitar, inflamar, dar descarga (banheiro), animar, encorajar)

inflected forms: flushes; flushed; flushing
1 : to cause a strong flow of water to clean (a toilet) [with object] • flush the toilet [no object• The toilet flushes automatically.

Note: If you flush something down the toilet you get rid of it by putting it in the toilet bowl and flushing the toilet. • Police suspect that the drugs were flushed down the toilet.
2 a [with objectto clean (something) with a flow of water or some other liquid • Flush the wound with water. • The doctor flushed her eye with a special solution. — often followed by out • He flushed out the car's radiator. • flush out the system

2 [with objectto remove (something) with a flow of liquid • Theyflushed impurities from the system. = They flushed impurities out of the system. • He used a hose to flush the leaves from the gutters.

[no objectto become red in the face because of heat, emotion, etc. • She flushed with anger/embarrassment. • Her face flushed at the mention of his name.

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