sábado, 20 de outubro de 2012

Palavra do dia

profound   Audio Pronunciation   /prəˈfaʊnd/   adjective
(profundo, muito fundo, culto, intenso, completo)
comparative and superlative formsmore profound; most profound
1 a : having or showing great knowledge or understanding • aprofound thinker • His knowledge of history is profound. • Her books offer profound insights into the true nature of courage.
1 b : difficult to understand requiring deep thought or wisdom • theprofound mysteries of outer space • profound questions
2 a : very strongly felt • profound sorrow • a profound sense of loss
2 b : very great • Computer technology has made profound[=major, significant] changes in our lives. • His paintings have had a profound effect/impact/influence on her own work.
somewhat formal : absolute or complete • a profoundsilence/sleep/deafness

— profoundly adverb • She was influenced profoundly by his art. • The discovery is profoundly important. • Their beliefs are profoundlydifferent. • profoundly deaf people

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