terça-feira, 9 de outubro de 2012

Palavra do dia

confront   Audio Pronunciation   /kənˈfrʌnt/   verb [with object]
(confrontar, enfrentar)
inflected formsconfronts; confronted; confronting
1 a : to oppose or challenge (someone) especially in a direct and forceful way • They confronted the invaders at the shore. — often used as (beconfronted • He was confronted by a security guard when he tried to leave the store. • The mayor was confronted by a group of angry protestors.

1 b : to directly question the action or authority of (someone) • Sheconfronted him about his smoking. • No one was willing to confront[=challenge] the company president on that point.
2 a : to deal with (something, such as a problem or danger) • Theyconfronted [=(more commonly) encountered] many obstacles along the way.especially to deal with (something) in an honest and direct way • The treatment center helps people confront [=face] their addictions. • It’s better to confront [=address] a problem than to avoid it.
2 b : to force (someone) to see or deal with (something, such as a problem) in a direct way • The photographs confront the viewer with images of desperate poverty. • I confronted her with the evidence.— often used as (beconfronted • They were confronted with many problems during the project.
2 c : to be a problem for (someone or something) • We know of the financial problems confronting [=facing] local schools.

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