terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012

Palavra do dia


fuss   Audio Pronunciation   /ˈfʌs/   noun
 (estardalhaço, espalhafato, gritaria, exagerar (verbo), bagunça)
1 activity or excitement that is unusual and that often is not wanted or necessary [noncount• They got down to business without any fuss. • What is all the fuss about? [singular] • Her new novel has caused quite a fuss— often used with make • We’d love to come to dinner, but please don’t make a fuss. [=don't do a lot of extra things that you would not usually do] • (US) Everyonemade such a fuss over the baby. = (British) Everyone made such afuss of the baby. [=everyone paid a lot of excited attention to the baby]
2 : an expression of anger or complaint especially about something that has little importance [noncount• She accepted the new assignment without any fuss. [=she did not complain about the new assignment] — often used with make • She accepted the new assignment without making any fuss. [singular] • I don’t want tomake a fuss, but this soup is cold.
Learn about fuss as a verb.

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